Impact 100

We support women by empowering them.

Across the country and across the globe women are taking their rightful place at the table where decisions are made. Nowhere is their presence more powerfully felt than in the arena of philanthropy, where women’s values and visions are reshaping our world.

What is Impact 100?

Impact 100 is a group of one hundred local women who have committed to giving $1,100 per year for the purpose of making a single transformative grant to a local nonprofit every year. These transformative grants will be game-changers for the recipient nonprofits. Over time, these nonprofits also will be game-changers for our city and region.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed women can change the world.”
—Margaret Mead

Why Impact 100?

Because, as Margaret Mead said, it really only takes a small group of committed individuals to change the world. In recent years, as women have stepped into their power—including their earning power—women’s giving circles have become influential change agents in communities across the country.

We believe it’s time for a women’s giving circle to transform some of the pressing issues facing the New Orleans region. By pooling our resources and focusing our efforts, we can be the change agents few of us can afford to be alone. Together, we can demonstrate the power of collaborative giving. $1,100 is your passport to Impact 100. Learn more information about Impact 100 and its recent success, or read the Q&A.

Women Making an Impact?

Since its inaugural year, Impact 100 has granted out more than $800,000 to local nonprofits.

In 2018, four local nonprofits representing education (Start the Adventure in Reading STAIR), criminal justice reform (Rising Foundations/First 72+), women and girls (Eden House), and youth development (The Roots of Music) pitched their $100,000 ideas to the women of Impact 100 at the Ellis Marsalis Center. The winner earned a $100,000 grant and each runner-up received $11,000. In 2018, the women of Impact 100 were so inspired by all four of the finalists that a challenge grant was offered, resulting in an additional $30,000 being raised and split evenly among the three runners up.

The 2018 Impact 100 Winner was Rising Foundations/First 72+, an organization that aims to end the cycle of incarceration by transforming the re-entry experience into one that builds on the strengths of and abilities of people returning home from prison and ensures that they, their families, and their communities are given the greatest opportunity to grow and thrive.

Click here to watch the winning video and pitch.

Become a Member

Membership for Impact 100 2019 is open until Labor Day, Monday, September 2nd. The required contribution for Impact 100 2019 is $1,100 per year. One thousand dollars of your contribution will be granted while the extra $100 covers operational and administrative costs. The full $1,100 is tax deductible. Please contact development associate Jamie Agnew if you have questions or need assistance.


Impact 100 2019 is sponsored by Villere & Co.

Want to know more?

To learn more about getting involved with our initiatives, get in touch with Tyronne Walker.