Civic Leadership

We provide civic leadership in our communities to create transformational change.

Our commitment to civic leadership goes beyond grantmaking.

While connecting donors with causes that stir their passions is a key component of our work at the Greater New Orleans Foundation, it’s not the only thing we do. By conducting research, convening individuals and organizations, and providing engaged civic leadership in our communities, we can effect change that lasts much longer than any one donation. That’s why we actively work with communities across the region to establish partnerships and create initiatives to address pressing challenges facing our region. Previous examples of the Foundation’s leadership after Hurricane Katrina include the Unified New Orleans Plan and the $23 million Community Revitalization Fund.

Inspiring Civic Leaders

Change won’t happen overnight—and it won’t happen with just one person. We need a strong group of local civic leaders to take the lead in their neighborhoods and communities. That’s why we’re inspiring others to join us in taking these tough issues head on

Leading Regional Initiatives

With current initiatives and events like the Spirit of Charity Innovation District, the Urban Water Series, the New Orleans Works program, Give Nola Day, Impact 100 and NOLA 360, we are providing a means for more people to learn even more about important issues in our region and then band together to actually do something about them.

Creating a Connected Community

Our goal is to not only inspire others to take action, but to inspire all of us to come together. Because while each of our communities in Southeast Louisiana are full of strength and resolve, we’re even greater when we come together.

Join Us

By supporting our civic leadership initiatives, you can be confident you are partnering with others to make a significant impact on your community while preserving and celebrating this region’s special character for generations to come.

Want to know more?

To learn more about our civic leadership work at the Greater New Orleans Foundation, get in touch with Courtney Thomas-Barnes