Donor Stories

Hear some impact stories. Then work with us to make your own.

Philanthropy Begins at Home

In post-Katrina New Orleans, many donors believe that philanthropy begins right here in the region we call home. Many are not just making a one-time gift; they are creating funds that not only support the needs of the region now, but will grow to support our community tomorrow.

Giving and Growing: Richard Currence, the Arabella Fund

"We wanted a constant reminder that we had the capacity to give. Our intent is to grow our fund while we continue to make donations to the organizations that are important to us."
– Richard Currence, The Arabella Fund

Leaving a Mark

Donors tell us that a successful, satisfying life is not just about doing for oneself. Rather, their greatest joy comes from knowing that they have benefited the lives of others. Through their gifts to the Greater New Orleans Foundation, donors know they have maximum impact for good–for now, or forever.

Giving Back: Janet Daley Duval, Janet Daley Duval Fund

"If we don’t give back, what’s going to happen? It’s our responsibility. And it’s a joyous one."
– Janet Daley Duval, Janet Daley Duval Fund

Giving Back is Our Responsibility

The quality of the community we create is the result of our collective efforts. Donors are the leaders who have rolled up their sleeves and asked, “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

Building a Fund: Stella and Harry Jones, Jones Family Fund Society