Professional Advisors

If you help others give back, we’re here to help you.

We appreciate those that help others. That’s why for over 90 years, we’ve been leaders in connecting professional advisors with giving strategies and vehicles that meet their clients needs. That way, we help advisors assist their clients with philanthropic investments that fulfill community needs and create a greater impact.

We offer simple and significantly tax-advantaged alternatives to a private foundation, allowing donors to dedicate their gifts and time to perpetuating their values and impacting communities in the Greater New Orleans region.

Local Expertise

We don’t just understand the issues facing the Greater New Orleans region—we live here. That’s why we can help you advise your clients on relevant causes to ensure that their philanthropic efforts go further.

Knowledge of Giving

We understand the ins and outs of giving. We’re able to handle a diverse set of fund structures and complex assets, so we can help your client give back in whatever way they choose.

Matching Clients with Causes

Every donor has a different passion. We can help you find the right cause that creates purpose from their passion. That way, your clients can see and feel the impact of their contribution.

Consultative Relationship

We don’t just point you in the right direction. We provide support and guidance through every step of the process, giving you a go-to resource for all of your clients’ needs.


We are equipped to accept a wide variety of asset types—from securities and personal property, to life insurance policies and more—which allows us to accommodate the most complex giving plans.


To learn more about working with the Greater New Orleans Foundation, contact the Development team at or call 504.598.4663.