Impact 100 2013

December 4, 2014

We believe it’s time for a women’s giving circle to transform some of the pressing issues facing the New Orleans region. By pooling our resources and focusing our efforts, we can be the change agents few of us can afford to be alone. Together, we can demonstrate the power of collaborative giving.

In its inaugural year, Impact 100 2013 awarded $100,000 to the Youth Empowerment Project. YEP is a local nonprofit organization that serves over 1,000 of the most vulnerable youth in our community between the ages of 7 and 24. It offers mentoring, educational, and job readiness programs to at-risk youth, many of whom have already entered the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

Click here to learn more about how the Youth Empowerment Project has used the Impact 100 award.

Impact 100 2013 Members

Peggy Adams, Nancy Aronson, Carol Asher, Ann Babington, Ellen Ball, Stephanie Barksdale, Judy Barrasso, Barbara Beckman, Margaret Beer, Sallee Benjamin, Elizabeth Boh, Katherine Boh, Marta Bordeaux, Bridget Bories, Susan Brennan, Ashley Bright, Kia Brown, Lynne Burkart, Sandra Cahill, Mindy Caplan, Darleen Carlisle, Ivy Carter, Cathy Cary, Mary Chapman, Vanessa Brown Claiborne, Susan Couvillon, Liza Cowan, Liz Creel, Katie Crosby, Mathilde Currence, Margo Dubos, Jill Dupré, Monica Edwards, Margaret Epstein, Celeste Eustis, Celeste Coco-Ewing, Stephanie Feoli, Jeanne Firth, Sally Forman, Cristina Fowler, Cristi Fowler Chauvin, Jennifer Fowler, Catherine Freeman, Betsie Gambel, Kelisha Garrett, Kim George, Katie Gibert, Charline Gipson, Anne Grace, JoAnn Greenberg, Dana Hansel, Alison Hartman, Jan Hayden, Stephanie Haynes, Kathy Hebert, Sally Heller, Susan Hess, Jane Scott Hodges, Betty Hope, Ellinor Howard, Stephanie Huger, Maureen Huguley, Susan Johnson, Sally Kenney, Mimi Koch, Jane Kohlmann, Linda Kolb, Ruth Kullman, Mara Kupperman, Elly Lane, CC Langenstein, Patti Lapeyre, Sally Lapeyre, Cynthia LeBreton, Gay LeBreton, Courtney LeClercq, Diana M. Lewis, Sheldon Lykes, Diane Manget, Ellen Manning, Barbara Marcus, Nancy Marsiglia, Mary Matalin, Betty McDermott, Sharon Meyer, Anne Milling, Lauren Morstead, Leann Moses, Andrée Moss, Emily Palit, Pie-z Parkerson, Debbie Patrick, Cathy Pierson, Anne Redd, Alexis Robinson, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Courtney-Anne Sarpy, Elonide Semmes, Yvette Semmes, Holly Sharp, Jackie Shreves, Liz Sloss, Karen Soll, Susu Stall, Ileana Suquet, Sally Suthon, Phyllis Taylor, Cheryl Teamer, Susan Tyler, Melanee Usdin, Kathleen Van Horn, Fran Villere, Madeline West, Virginia White, Ellen Yellin, Sarah Young

Impact 100 2013 Events

Kick-off Luncheon

The kick-off luncheon was held at Ashe Cultural Arts Center. During the luncheon, the members learned about the five categories for eligible nonprofits and enjoyed the keynote speech from Kathy LeMay. Other speakers at the event included: Carol Asher, Volunteer Champion; Katie LeGardeur, Managing Director, JPMorgan; Albert Ruesga, President & CEO, Greater New Orleans Foundation.

The next morning, Impact 100 members received an email with voting instructions and were given 24 hours to vote. In this email, members voted anonymously online to support one of the following the categories: arts & culture, education, environment, health & social services, and youth development.

Watch the videos from the Kick-Off Luncheon

Watch this video about each category: arts & culture, education, environment, health & human services, and youth development. This video was made possible by WWLTV.

Keynote speaker, Kathy LeMay, begins her talk at 15 minutes in. This video was made possible by NOVAC.

Award Presentation and Celebration

On Giving Tuesday, the group and public came together to present the Impact 100 check to the winning nonprofit and celebrated their work in our community.

To learn more about Impact 100 and how to participate, visit our main Impact 100 page.