Impact 100 2016

May 30, 2017

We believe it’s time for a women’s giving circle to transform some of the pressing issues facing the New Orleans region. By pooling our resources and focusing our efforts, we can be the change agents few of us can afford to be alone. Together, we can demonstrate the power of collaborative giving.

Kick-Off Event

Thursday, October 6, members gathered at the World War II Museum to meet the Mom Who Started the Ice Bucket Challenge. After Nancy Frates learned that her 27-year-old-son Pete was diagnosed with ALS, the disease with no cure or treatment, she went into battle. Her achievement was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that traveled to 150 countries, resulted in 2.5 million videos on Facebook, and raised an astonishing $220 million for the ALS Association. The mom who encourages everyone to stay positive, find their best self, and never give up despite life’s greatest challenges was an inspiration to all in attendance.

Meet the Nonprofit Leaders

On Thursday, October 27, members heard presentations from the nonprofits at NOCCA’s Black Box Theatre. Four nonprofits, one from each selection category, presented how they would spend the $100,000 grant. The videos, produced and edited by NOVAC, can be viewed below:

Arts & Culture: KID smART

Education & Youth Development: Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights

Environment: Grow Dat Youth Farm

Health & Social Services: Bridge House / Grace House

Celebration of the $100,000 grant

On Wednesday, November 2, Impact 100 members gathered to celebrate Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights, which won the $100,000 grant.

Impact 100 2016 Members

Marguerite (Peggy) Adams, Mary Beth Alvarez, Judith Andry, Penny Autenreith, Ann Babington, Allison Bach, Dorothy Ball, Ellen Ball, Margaret Benjamin, Julie Benson, Elizabeth Boh, Katherine Boh, Bridget Bories, Kristina Bradford, Pam Bryan, Lynne Burkart, Marie Cahn, Kristi Cannon, Lorraine Chotin, Vanessa Claiborne, Lynn Coatney, Sally Cockerham, Jeannie Coleman, Beth Colon, Anne Comarda, Linda Conner, Cindy Connick, Susan Couvillon, Ann Crane, Liz Creel, Katie Crosby, Mathilde Currence, Karen DeBlieux, Evelyn deLaureal, Keith Derbes, Susan Dill, Liz Duplantier, Marcie duQuesnay, Ninette Eastman, Margaret Epstein, Sheila Favrot, Stephanie Feoli, Laura Fine, Ruthie Frierson, Betsie Gambel, Ashley Geary, Kim George, Katie Gibert, Kathy Gootee, Annette Gorney, Kathy Gray, Sue Guarisco, Yvonne Gwin, Polly Hardie, Lesli Harris, Alison Hartman, Liz Hefler, Sandra Heller, Susan Hess, Lauren Hitt, Deirdre Hooper, Betty Hope, Lanier Hosford, Andrea Huseman, Elizabeth Ingram, Jeanette Jaffe, Marlene Jaffe*, Mary Johnson, Susan Johnson, Natalie Kaharick, Susu Kearney, Lori Keeffe, Sally Kenney, Jane Kohlmann, Mary Kohlmann, Missy Lacroix, Kit Landry, Brett Lapeyre, Sally Lapeyre, Betty Lauricella, Katherine Lauricella, Gay Lebreton, Sandra Levick, Erin Bell Luetkemier, Sheldon Lykes, Barbara Marcus, Mary Marks, Nancy Marsiglia, Judy Perry Martinez, Sarah Martzolf, Sara Massey, Diana McDermott, Pat McIntyre, Cathy McRae, Betsy Miles, Kristin Van Hook Moore, Leann Moses, Andree Moss, Nancy Dozier Murray, Natalie Nagim, Carole Neff, Dena Olivier, Renee Pastor, Christa Payne, Joan Quinlan, Kim Reyher, Donna Riess, Kathleen Robert, Jax Robertson, Jennifer Rosen, Katie Rosenblum, Sheila Sanderford, Courtney-Anne Sarpy, Emily Schoenbaum, Kara Schonberg, Jane Schramel, Elonide Semmes, Mathilde Semmes, Yvette Semmes, Jackie Shreves, Jackie Silverman, Debbie Skrmetta, Liz Sloss, Monica Wegmann SmithRandye Snyder, Claire Stahel, Anne “Kit” Stumm, Kelder Summers, Sally Suthon, Phyllis Taylor, Cheryl Teamer, Suzanne Thomas, Susan Tyler, Kathleen Van Horn, Fran Villere, Michelle Villere, Germaine Vorhoff, Patricia Weeks, Jessica White, Helen Young, Sarah Young, Beth Colon (Chair), Jackie Shreves (Past Chair), Marguerite (Peggy) Adams, Bridget Bories, Susan Couvillon, Susan Dill, Nancy Dozier Murray, Sue Guarisco, Polly Hardie, Betty Hope, Lanier Hosford, Andrea Huseman, Elizabeth Ingram, Jane Kohlmann, Sarah Martzolf, Leann Moses, Carole Neff, Joan Quinlan, Donna Riess, Jax Robertson, Courtney Anne Sarpy, Jane Schramel, Elonide Semmes, Jackie Silverman, Claire Stahel, Kelder Summers

To learn more about Impact 100 and how to participate, visit our main Impact 100 page.