Series | Strategic Partnerships and Organizational Restructuring for Stronger Nonprofits

Series | Strategic Partnerships and Organizational Restructuring for Stronger Nonprofits

November 13, 2023 to February 21, 2024
Multiple Times

Multiple Locations

Nonprofits are most impactful when we work together. Every day, nonprofits throughout our region work hard to realize bold visions for the communities they serve. Those visions require sustainable organizations.  

As nonprofits explore a variety of options to become sustainable, streamline operations, and deepen their impact, more leaders are looking to strategic collaborations, partnerships, and organizational restructuring as viable strategies. Though sometimes perceived to be organizational failures, strategic organizational restructures – whether through partnerships, collaborative endeavors, or mergers – are often needed to scale an organization’s impact, efficiently steward resources to the communities they serve, or facilitate long-term change. In fact, these interventions can be the boost organizations need to advance their missions and visions.  

The Greater New Orleans Foundation, in partnership with the Kresge Foundation, is excited to offer this workshop series to help nonprofit organizations explore, identify, develop, and execute a strategic partnership, collaboration, or merger. Through this 3-part series, organizations will:  

  • better understand the range of strategic partnerships and collaborations available to them;  
  • walk through the stages of a strategic restructuring process; and,  
  • for organizations who demonstrate readiness, be supported to launch a strategic partnership or restructuring project in real time.  

To learn more and register for each workshop, click on the links below. 

If you have any questions about this workshop series, please direct them to Devon Turner, Director of Nonprofit Leadership and Effectiveness, at or 504.620.5279.