Youth Development

Any community that cares about its future cares about its young people. The Foundation invests in programs that support healthy child development from school readiness programs for preschoolers to after-school options that enhance cognitive, social, and emotional skills for teenagers. Because parents are the most knowledgeable and effective advocates for their children, we also invest in economic security, leadership training, and other support for parents.


Our core program for creating a vibrant, sustainable, and just community, IMPACT provides funding opportunities in Arts & Culture, Youth Development, Education, and Health & Social Services. Our goals in the Youth Development area are to:

  • Provide youth workers with the education, tools, and professional development opportunities that will help improve their knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the areas of social-emotional learning, trauma-informed care, mentoring, job readiness, academic support, and leadership development.
  • Increase the advocacy capacity of youth serving organizations on issues such as juvenile justice reform, workforce training, appropriate education options, and transition supports for opportunity youth—individuals between the ages of 16 and 24 who are not connected to education or employment.

Organizational Effectiveness

As in other program areas, the Foundation supports investments in organizational capacity-building among youth-oriented nonprofits. Of particular importance in the Youth Development program area, is the Foundation’s partnership with the City of New Orleans in NOLA For Life, see Crime for more information.