Step 1

Are You Ready?

The Nonprofit Leadership and Effectiveness team at the Greater New Orleans Foundation will offer readiness workshops in the beginning of 2021 to help you determine if one of The Challenges is right for your organization. Attending to the readiness workshop is required to apply for The Challenges.

Organizations will have an opportunity to complete an endowment readiness checklist during the workshop. Information will be presented on benefits and risks associated with an endowment. In addition, information will be presented on the advantages of board-restricted cash reserve for organizations not ready for an endowment. This workshop is designed for executive directors, fund development staff and board members, and organizational teams are encouraged.

Learning Objectives

  • Increase participants understanding of an endowment and its purpose
  • Increase participants understanding of a board-restricted cash reserve and its purpose
  • Determine if your organization is ready for either of the challenges
  • Provide best practices on fundraising for an endowment or board-restricted cash reserve

Freeman Challenges Materials

Freeman Challenges Readiness Checklist (DOC)
Freeman Challenges Reserve Policy Sample (PDF)
Freeman Challenges Endowment Resolution and Policy Sample (PDF)
Freeman Challenges Guidelines (PDF)

Workshop Dates and Times

The Freeman Challenges: Are You Ready for an Endowment 2021 virtual workshop dates and times are as follows:

  • Monday, January 18 from 1:00-3:00 pm
  • Wednesday, February 3 from 2:00-4:00 pm

Please click here to register.

As stated above, attending a readiness workshop is required to apply for The Challenges. Please contact Kristen Craig at if you have any questions.

Step 2: Application Process