Risk Management for Nonprofit Organizations

June 12, 2017

The Greater New Orleans Foundation Organizational Effectiveness Initiative (OE) and Gillis, Ellis & Baker, Inc. are partnering to host a seminar/workshop on Risk Management for Non Profit Organizations. This seminar/workshop is designed for Executive Directors, CFO’s, Finance, Human Resource, Facilities, Safety, Transportation Managers, and Staff and Board Members.

Risk Management for Non Profit Organizations

Making sure your workplace is safe is a vital part of running any organization. A safe work environment not only protects your employees, customers and volunteers, it is also good for the bottom line. In every industry, there are steps that can be taken to improve workplace safety and help promote a culture of safety.

This workshop will focus on helping leaders recognize workplace hazards, implement injury prevention measures, and understand their rights and responsibilities. Specific topics that will be covered include slip/trip/fall prevention, safe lifting, ladder safety, and insurance claims management.


About the Trainer:


Sarah Callais came to GEB in March 2011 with nine years of experience as a Risk Consultant. She has the Associate in Risk Management Professional designation. Sarah’s diverse and extensive experience has provided her with unique qualifications for GEB’s clients.

Sarah’s safety training experience includes, but is not limited to, Defensive Driver Instructor, First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor, Kitchen Safety, Incident/Accident Investigations, Walkthrough Hazard Inspections, Safety Program Reviews and Research, Slip and Fall Prevention, Safe Lifting Training, Ladder Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, Eye Safety, Heat Stress Safety, Hearing Conservation,  Emergency Action Planning/Fire Prevention, and Blood Borne Pathogen Awareness.

Mrs. Callais is passionate about providing the clients of GEB with outstanding customer service, exceptional knowledge, and safety expertise.

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