The LGBTQ Fund

The LGBTQ Fund

Supporting equality, fairness, acceptance, and mutual respect for all.

Open Date 2025
Due Date 2025

Nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations that serve within GNOF’s 13-parish service area are eligible to apply for funding. Priority will be given to organizations that provide services within Orleans Parish. Organizations that are not tax-exempt but have a fiscal agent relationship with a 501(c)(3) organization are also eligible. Expected grant size is $5,000 to $10,000; grants may be larger or smaller.

The LGBTQ Fund will support:

  • General operations
  • Programs
  • Advocacy, including legislative, judicial, or executive advocacy; community organizing; campaigns; leadership development; and policy development
  • Capacity building, including technology needs and support, collaboration, professional development, communications training, organizational effectiveness, and evaluation and research

Priority Areas

Our priorities are informed by an analysis of pressing community needs, corresponding data, service delivery gaps, and best practices, as well as by available funding. We draw from the collective wisdom of our nonprofit partners, our staff, and the field of grantmaking.

As we seek to be responsive and strategic, we will refine and adjust our priorities over time. Feedback and guidance are always welcome.

Support is available to health, cultural and support organizations, and programs that increase the quality of life and access to opportunity for LGBTQ individuals and families, particularly the most marginalized members of the community, including elders, transgender youth and adults of color, low-income LGBTQ people, and LGBTQ youth of color and LBGTQ persons who are disabled.

Priority is given to work that aims to:

  1. Advocate for effective policies that will improve the quality of life for LGBTQ individuals and families.
  2. Build the cultural competency of “mainstream” organizations that serve LGBTQ clientele, particularly transgender youth and adults of color, low-income LGBTQ people, and LGBTQ youth of color. This work would provide the staff of “mainstream” organizations with the education, tools, and professional development opportunities that will help improve their knowledge, skills, and attitudes when serving LGBTQ clientele.
  3. Provide LGBTQ individuals and families with high quality, well-coordinated, and culturally competent direct services related to: primary care, behavioral, and preventive healthcare; crisis management and legal support; workforce development; financial literacy and asset building; transportation; housing and safe spaces to congregate, and social services

How to Apply for Funding

Note: All grant applicants will need to create an account using our online system to apply.

  1. Use our online portal to submit a grant application along with all attachments by 11:59 pm (CT) on Monday, March 25, 2024
  2. A grant review committee will review all applications and recommend grants to be approved by the Foundation. The Foundation’s LGBTQ committee reviewing grant applications shall consist of representatives of the foundation’s board as well as individuals that represent the broad diversity of our region. The majority of the committee members must self-identify as LBGTQ.

Awards are expected to be announced no later than June 2024

Applications will be evaluated based on the following:

  1. Does the project and/or organization meet basic eligibility criteria? Does the project and/or organization meet the general and specific guidelines outlined above?
  2. What needs are being addressed to increase the quality of life and access to opportunity for LGBTQ individuals and families?
  3. How many LGBTQ individuals and/or family members will benefit?
  4. How will the program or project be evaluated or its impact measured?
  5. The proposed plan or strategy for use of the funds?
  6. Is the organization networking, coordinating, cooperating, or collaborating with others?

Still Have Questions?

If you have a question, please e-mail your question to (please include the phrase “LGBTQ Fund Question” in the subject line).

Thank you to The LGBTQ Fund donors who made this funding possible with their generous gifts.

The LGBTQ Fund accepts only electronic application submissions through the Foundation’s online portal. The Greater New Orleans Foundation’s technology partner, Foundant, has created a brief tutorial for applicants that may be viewed here. It is highly recommended that all applicants review this video before beginning a new application in order to better understand the electronic submission process. Proposals that are not submitted electronically may not be considered.