To support the region in the following categories: arts & culture, education, youth development, health, and social services.

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The Greater New Orleans Foundation is proud to be the steward of more than 800 Donor-advised and donor-designated funds. Our donors make more than $23 million in grants to diverse nonprofits of all sizes throughout the region, according to their specific areas of interest.

IMPACT is the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s discretionary grants program. Its goal is to promote a resilient, vibrant, and equitable region in which the special character of the Greater New Orleans region and its people is preserved, celebrated, and given the means to thrive. Funding for IMPACT comes from a portion of our assets, field of interest funds, and unrestricted funds. We are committed to increasing the dollars we have available for IMPACT through our fundraising efforts; however, at this time our IMPACT funding remains limited.

In 2017 the Foundation made the decision to adopt a multi-year, renewal-based grantmaking strategy. By providing nonprofit organizations general operating support for multiple years, we are giving organizations what they need most—time and money. In collaboration with our nonprofit partners, we will be able to devote more attention to our community’s most pressing problems. Organizations that receive general support IMPACT grants will be eligible to renew their grants for an additional two years. This will create a rolling cohort of organizations working to help the Greater New Orleans Foundation to achieve its programmatic goals.

In 2020 the Greater New Orleans Foundation will make grants in two special funding categories: Kahn-Oppenheim Trust and Michael R. Boh Fund. The average grant size will be approximately $20,000.

The Foundation expects to award up to eight grants from the Kahn-Oppenheim Trust and four grants from the Michael R. Boh Fund. Although an application may align with the guidelines, only the applications that strongly align with the focus of each fund are likely to be considered for funding. These grants are not renewable.

Kahn-Oppenheim Trust Fund

Funding is available for the development and/or improvement of public health outreach and education programs to inform people about ways to prevent diseases like asthma, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, HIV/AIDS, and others, insofar as these programs involve physical, nutritional, or dietary regimens

Michael R. Boh Fund

Funding is available for organizations, programs, and projects that help children and their families who have been rejected by the institutions that most children rely upon for their development.

Due to the increased competitive nature of the IMPACT program, the Foundation encourages only organizations that strongly align with IMPACT priorities to apply.

Submitting a Letter of Intent

Please remember that we will only accept letters of intent electronically through our online portal.

Our technology partner, Foundant, has created a brief tutorial for applicants that may be viewed here. It is highly recommended that all applicants review this video before beginning a new application in order to better understand the process.

Proposals that are not submitted electronically will not be considered for funding. Foundation staff will review online submissions and recommend which organizations to invite to participate in a site visit. A site visit does not guarantee funding from the IMPACT program.

Grant recommendations made by staff will be reviewed by the Foundation’s president and Grants Committee, and final approval for funding will come from the Foundation’s board of directors.

If you have additional questions, please email