Partnerships & Restructuring

Better Together: Catalyzing Impact through Strategic Partnerships and Restructuring

The ability to continue delivering relevant social impact over the long term has always been important to nonprofit leaders. However, as the spread of COVID-19 causes upheaval in just about every aspect of society, program delivery and sustainability is becoming a challenge. Many nonprofits will not be able to stabilize, much less sustain themselves in the long-term. 

This crisis presents an opportunity for nonprofits to reimagine their work through collaboration, bolstering partnerships, and in some cases consolidating and merging. Collaboration is an inherent value of the nonprofit sector. However, effective collaboration does not come easy-its takes bold leadership, time, and resources. 

We are thrilled to collaborate with La Piana Consulting to provide information and tools to help nonprofits navigate a strategic partnership or restructuring process. 

Understanding Strategic Partnerships, Restructuring, and Mergers Webinar Series 

Strategic restructuring is a term increasingly used to refer to a broad continuum of options for organizational partnerships, including but not limited to mergers, asset transfers, joint ventures, administrative or back-office consolidations, joint programs, parent-subsidiary structures, and fiscal sponsorships.

The following recorded webinar series conducted in partnership with La Piana Consulting will help leaders start and navigate a strategic restructuring process. We encourage you to view the entire series and share these resources with your colleagues. 

  • The Collaborative Map
    • The Collaborative Map presents the range of ways that nonprofits can partner with other organizations to achieve shared goals. This recording is 32 minutes. 

  • The Strategic Restructuring Process
    • This webinar will introduce you to the strategic restructuring process from assessment to integration. This recording is 43 minutes.  

  • Lessons From the Field: CADA and Jericho Road
    • Joyce Bracey, CADA and Nicole Barnes, Jericho Road share their restructuring process and lessons learned facilitated by Makiyah Moody, La Piana Consulting. This recording is 35 minutes.  

Merger and Alliance Toolkit  

We are proud to partner with La Piana Consulting to help nonprofits from across the Greater New Orleans region learn how to plan and implement a restructuring process or strategic partnership. La Piana’s Merger and Alliance Toolkit provides practical information and concrete guidance to help you move forward. Click here to access the toolkit.