COVID-19 Resources

The Greater New Orleans Foundation is leading fundraising efforts to support a network of voluntary and community organizations active in disasters.

Though our Disaster Response and Restoration Fund we are able to provide grants to nonprofits for immediate relief as well as to support long-term efforts for community recovery. During the COVID-19 crisis response, the Foundation will continue to prioritizing grantmaking to nonprofit organizations working directly with the most vulnerable in our community impacted by this crisis – the elderly, homeless, and low-wage workers.


Resources for Nonprofits

The Greater New Orleans Foundation is helping nonprofits in our region respond and prepare for the disruptions the coronavirus pandemic is causing for our clients, customers, staff, and operations. We are continuing our response and support of nonprofits by providing free virtual town halls, webinars, and resources on the most critical topics to help nonprofits in our region respond to the public health threats and the associated operational disruptions that will continue to result from this pandemic.

External Resources