In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has been the proving ground for system-wide education reform. The Foundation supports this effort with an eye to ensuring that reforms do indeed create the public education system that students, their families, and our communities have always deserved. The Foundation also supports programs that improve the ability of parents and other stakeholders including students to shape these reforms. By building trust and a shared sense of purpose between school officials, families, and the community at large, we can more effectively create a high-functioning public school system.


Stand Up For Our Children

Stand Up For Our Children is a W.K. Kellogg Foundation-funded initiative to empower parents and families to advocate effectively on behalf of our region’s most vulnerable children and to collaborate to address systemic problems that impact children.

Through this program, the Foundation seeks to:

  • Create a strong advocacy community for children zero to five with significant leadership participation by low-income parents and families.
  • Increase the capacity and effectiveness of nonprofits working with parents, families and neighborhoods.
  • Develop and implement a coordinated advocacy/policy agenda on behalf of young children in our region’s most marginalized communities.

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Through its IMPACT program, the Foundation funds organizations that:

  • Advance successful public education reforms in Orleans parish and other underserved areas in our region, and/or hold public agencies accountable for the success of our public schools by examining the decisions and outcomes related to public education reforms.
  • Work to improve student achievement by engaging parents, school leaders, and other key stakeholders in education organizing, policy research and analysis, policy advocacy, and the use of data to make policy recommendations.
  • Conduct research and/or work with school leaders and other financial decision makers to address the financial sustainability issues within our system of charter schools.

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Organizational Effectiveness

As in other program areas, the Foundation supports investments in organizational capacity-building among nonprofits working in the field of education.

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