Maison Hospitaliere

Maison Hospitaliere

To provide assistance to indigent women in the Greater New Orleans area.

Open Date 08/19/19
Due Date 09/06/19

In 1879 Coralie Correjolles organized 30 women into “La Socíeté Hospitaliere des Dames Louisianaises” to provide food and medicine to the needy of New Orleans, many of whom had lost everything during the Civil War. The group became especially concerned by the plight of elderly ladies, who, due to the loss of their husbands in the war, were destitute and living in squalid conditions. Through its collection of 10 cent monthly dues over 14 years, the Socíeté was able to raise the money for its first building, 822 Barracks Street, to provide residence for 20 women. Over the next 113 years Maison Hospitaliere evolved into a skilled nursing facility for both men and women. Hurricane Katrina scattered both residents and staff across the country, and in November 2006 the board decided to close the facility.

When the Maison Hospitaliere sold its French Quarter complex for more than $4 million, the proceeds were incorporated into a Supporting Organization of the Greater New Orleans Foundation so that the Maison’s mission could continue by making grants to organizations serving women and their families.  Grants will be made available to 501(c)(3) organizations that provide living assistance and care to indigent women in the Greater New Orleans area.  These grants will support direct services to women in the form of either general operating support or program support. Grants will range up to $20,000.

Maison Hospitaliere will NOT consider capital projects, event sponsorship, or research requests. Faith-based organizations are welcome to apply for support for programs that do not include religious activities, such as religious worship, instruction, or proselytization.

How to Apply

The Maison Hospitaliere Fund accepts only electronic application submissions through the Foundation’s online portal. The Greater New Orleans Foundation’s technology partner, Foundant, has created a brief tutorial for applicants that may be viewed here. It is highly recommended that all applicants review this video before beginning a new application in order to better understand the electronic submission process. Proposals that are not submitted electronically may not be considered. All applications must include the following:

Organization Information – describe the work of your organization by addressing each of the following topics:

  • organization history and mission
  • Current programs and accomplishments. Please emphasize the achievements of the past year
  • organizational budget

Funding Request – describe the program for which you seek funding by including the following:

  • a statement of the program’s primary purpose and the issue that you are seeking to address
  • the population that you plan to reach, how you plan to inform them, how will they be involved, and how will they benefit from the program
  • strategies that you will use to implement your program
  • the number of people who will be served, should this grant be approved
  • staff and organizational capacity to deliver this program
  • anticipated length and timeline of the program
  • organizations you are collaborating with and who are also serving indigent women

Evaluation – explain how you will measure the effectiveness of your program, including:

  • describe your criteria for success
  • the outputs and outcomes you expect to achieve by the end of the funding period
  • your plans for future funding and how will you sustain the program

In addition, you must include the following attachments:

  • current and prior year operating budget, including expenses and revenue
  • most recent audited financial statements (if not available, include most recent IRS form 990)
  • program budget and budget narrative, including a list funding sources that you have asked to support this program
  • a list of board of directors and their principal affiliations
  • one-paragraph resumes of key organizational staff including key project/program staff
  • a list, amounts and status of other foundations, corporations and/or individuals being solicited for this program/project

Grantmaking Schedule

Grant requests must be received by 11:59 pm on the deadline date.  The deadline and notification dates are:

Application deadline:

September 7, 2018

 Notification date:

October 2018

Reporting Requirements 

If a grant is awarded, the grantee is required to submit final programmatic and financial reports outlining the use of grant funds and the impact of the grant on the older adults you serve.