What is Fundraising?

Fundraising is much more than asking people for money.  The true purpose of fundraising is not to raise money, but to  raise donors.  The only way you can raise money year after year is by developing a broad base of loyal individual donors who are committed to your work.

To raise donors, an organization needs a firm understanding of its identity and mission so that it can tell its story in a compelling way that attracts individuals to its cause.   On top of this, fundraising requires thorough planning and a willingness to make use of helpful resources, relationships, and information.   Fundraising comes down to “the ask,” but much planning and work must precede that important moment.

Resources from the Fundraising 101 workshop:


Article from  The Nonprofit Quarterly  —  Realizing the Full Potential of Your Events

Foundation Directory Online:

A highly sought-after development tool is now available to all nonprofit organizations free of charge, thanks to a collaborative effort between LANO, the  Organizational Effectiveness Initiative  at the Greater New Orleans Foundation, the  Arts Council of New Orleans  and  Regions Morgan Keegan Trust.

Foundation Directory Online  provides current, accurate, and comprehensive information on U.S. grantmakers and their grants, drawn from reliable sources, including IRS Form 990s; grantmaker web sites and annual reports; and the grantmakers themselves. The searchable database allows users to select key words to identify the grantmakers that are the best match with their organization and project.

This service is being offered at  all LANO locations, on Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. LANO staff is available to provide technical assistance on an appointment basis.

  • In New Orleans, contact  Dr. Cory Sparks, office Director: 504.309.2081 ext. 315
  • In Baton Rouge, contact  Glinda Causey, Membership Manager: 225.929.5266 ext. 210
  • In Shreveport, contact  Kay Irby, office Director: 318.865.5510 ext. 1