Health & Human Services

People are our region's strongest and most important asset. Their potential is key to our future prosperity, and helping them reach this potential is central to the Foundation's mission and to the well-being of the Greater New Orleans region. The Foundation is focused on building a health and social services delivery system responsive to the needs of our diverse communities and coordinated across government, nonprofit, and other providers. Our goal is to invest in the people on whom our collective well-being depends and help our neediest neighbors regain control over their lives.


The Foundation’s Health and Social Services grants are made through our IMPACT program, which supports organizations that:

  • Increase Medicaid/LACHIP, Medicare, or Affordable Care Act Marketplace enrollment for low-income, disabled, and older adult individuals.
  • Advocate for equal access to quality primary care, behavioral health, and preventive healthcare for all.
  • Use health education and outreach to increase health literacy, health awareness, and individual use of healthcare services.
  • Provide high quality and well-coordinated social services related to: crisis management and treatment, intake assessment and screening, early intervention, pre-vocational and employment skills training, job development and career planning, job retention, and career advancement.
  • Improve communication, coordination, and collaboration between social service organizations so that individuals and families can be provided with comprehensive, wrap-around services.

New Orleans Works (NOW)

NOW works with both employers and the workforce education and training community to ensure that New Orleans residents are qualified for tomorrow’s careers. NOW is committed to filling more than jobs. Its goal is to create an environment with opportunities for higher wages, better benefits, and career advancement for the New Orleans workforce.

Organizational Effectiveness

As in other program areas, the Foundation supports investments in organizational capacity-building among nonprofits working in the field of health and human services.