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Needs Scan 2.0 Report

Guided by the findings from an inaugural Needs Scan survey and report five years ago, Nonprofit Leadership & Effectiveness has shaped and offered a variety of workshops, clinics, technical assistance, coaching, and grants to support capacity building and learning opportunities. In order to continue serving our nonprofit partners, we recently took the pulse of the field to learn more about the key issues that organizations are working on and the opportunities and challenges they face in being more effective organizations. The resulting report is available here.

Foundation Center Directory Online

Foundation Directory Online provides the most current, accurate, and comprehensive information available on over 98,000 U.S. grantmakers and their grants, drawn from reliable sources, including IRS Form 990s, grantmaker websites and annual reports, and the grantmakers themselves. The searchable database allows users to select keywords to identify the grantmakers that are the best match with their organization and project. Learn more here.

Event Rental Spaces

In May of 2016, Nonprofit Leadership and Effectiveness surveyed local nonprofit organizations for information on event rental spaces they have available. Please find a downloadable PDF compilation of information here. To note, this list is in no way comprehensive. Should you have any updates or edits, please email